Saturday, 5th August 2023

A comprehensive 1 hour session on “Radiation Protection – Principles and Policies” was organized by ‘Global associations of physicians of Indian Origin’ (GAPIO) in collaboration with GARTIO under GAPIO-GARTIO International Lecture Series at 7:00 PM IST on Saturday, 5th August, 2023 on a digital platform through zoom.

Reputed well known speaker Mr Mukesh Jain, Msc, Faculty, Paramedical Sciences, SMS Medical College, Jaipur has delivered his talk on “Radiation Protection – Principles and Policies”.

Dr Anju Aggarwal, Member of Executive Committee of GAPIO has welcomed the faculty and delegates and gave her opening remarks.

Dr Vinita Sharan, Senior Radiology Consultant, DeepTek Medical Services, Adjunct Faculty, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), Advisor Radiology CMEs for GAPIO and former Associate Professor, San Beda College of Medicine, Philippines Consultant has moderated the session.

Dr Sunil Kumar S, Technical Officer, Division of Radiation Physics, Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala has chaired the session.

Dr Sushil Jain, Honorary Advisor, GAPIO has delivered the vote of thanks.

The session was followed by 10 minutes question and answer round.