GAPIO Members Honours list – October 2023

Dr. Arun Prasad, Surgical Gastroenterology, Bariatric and Robotic Surgery, New Delhi, has got his article entitled ‘Global Benchmarks in Primary Robotic Bariatric Surgery Redefine Quality Standards for Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy’ accepted for publication in British Journal of Surgery (BJS).

Dr Prasad is co-author in this landmark international study combining robotic bariatric surgery data from multiple countries.

Dr. Bellamkonda Kishore, Academician, Innovator and Entrepreneur has been awarded with the prestigious Nelson Mandela Leadership Award 2023 by The NRI Welfare Society of India, during a solemn ceremony held at St. Hilda College at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Dr. Kandamaran Krishnamurthy, Consultant Pediatric- Intensive Care Unit from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados has published a paper on “Non-COVID-19 reasons for hospitalisation among children during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with the pre-pandemic period – A prospective population-based study from Barbados”.

Kumar A, King R, Morris K, Krishnamurthy K. Non-COVID-19 reasons for hospitalisation among children during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with the pre-pandemic period – A prospective population-based study from Barbados. Karnataka Paediatr J, doi: 10.25259/KPJ_24_2023

Dr. Keerti Singh, Lecturer, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Cave Hill campus, Barbados, University of the West Indies, has contributed the following for the month of October 2023:

  1. a) October 20th 2023: Presented a poster “A pilot study of comparative assessment on USE (usability, effectiveness and Satisfaction) of Tablet versus paper based gross anatomy drawings of Medical Students of Bharath University, Chennai India”.
  2. b) October 7th – 8th 2023: Completed the Certificate course in Basic Surgical Skills, organized at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Dept of Clinical Surgical Sciences, UWI St Augustine, Trinidad, in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons, England, UK. A highly practical course with focus on introduction to safe and sound surgical skills and techniques common to all forms of surgery, forming a base to build a career in surgery.


  1. Agarwal A, Farkouh A, Saleh R, Hamoda TA, Salvio G, Boitrelle F, Harraz AM, Abou Ghayda R, Kavoussi P, Gül M, Toprak T, Singh K et al. Technical Aspects and Clinical Limitations of Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing in Male Infertility: A Global Survey, Current Guidelines, and Expert Recommendations. The World Journal of Men’s Health. 2023 Jan 1;41.

Dr. N Ramakrishnan, Senior Consultant, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Chennai has published the following articles:

Binila Chacko, Nagarajan Ramakrishnan, John Victor Peter “Approach To Intensive Care Pricing And Provision Of Cost-effective Care” in Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine, October 2023.

Bharath Kumar Tirupakuzhi Vijayaraghavan, Ramesh Venkataraman, Yamunadevi Ramanathan, Saravanan Margabandhu, Devachandran Jayakumar, Pratheema Ramachandran, Neill Adhikari, Francois Lamontagne, Ruxandra Pinto, Marie-Helene Masse, Julie Menard, Sheila Sprague, Nagarajan Ramakrishnan “A Pilot Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial Of Intravenous Vitamin C In Adults With Sepsis In The Intensive Care Unit: The Lessening Organ Dysfunction With Vitamin C-india (lovit-india) Trial” in Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine, October 2023.

Dr. Premkumar Balachandran, Senior Consultant Minimal Access, Bariatric and Robotic Surgeon at Chennai has been appointed as the “Secretary – Education and training ” of the Abdominal wall reconstruction surgeons community (AWRSC) for the year 2023.

Dr Balachandran has presented a paper on “E tep inguinal hernia repair ” in the TN ASI, AWRSC ,CHS master class held in Chennai on 5/11/23.

Dr Balachandran has presented a paper on “Why should AWR be taken as a speciality” – AWR Herniaverse conference, Bengaluru, October 2023.

Dr. Raju Vaishya, Senior Consultant, Orthopedic Surgeon at New Delhi is included in the 2% top global Research’s list of Stanford University for the 3rd consecutive year.

He achieved the 2nd rank among the nine listed Indians, and 108 out of total of 1610 global Orthopaedic Surgeons (with 93.3 percentile).

Dr Raju has published the following papers:

a) Vaishya R, Gupta BM, Kappi M, Vaish A. A Scientometric Analysis of the most High-Cited Publications on Fracture Research from India: 1989-2022. Ann National Academy Med Sc 2023; DOI

b) Jeyaraman, Iyengar KP, Vaish A, Vaishya R. Journal Metrics of the top-ranked Orthopaedic, Medical, and Surgical journals – A cross-sectional, comparative study. International Orthop 2023;

c) Annapareddy A, Mulpur P, Jayakumar T, Kikkuri RR, Masilamani ABS, Ratnakar V, Vaishya R, Reddy AVG. Reply to the Letter to the Editor: Patella non resurfacing in primary total knee arthroplasty provides good functional results—a retrospective review of nine thousand three hundred forty six knees. International Orthopaedics 2023; DOI. 10.1007/s00264-023-06008-0

d) Itha R, Vaishya R, Vaish A, Migliorini F. Chondral and Osteochondral lesions of the Hip joint – Review of the current literature. Orthopädie 2023;

e) Iyengar KP, Vaishya R, Botchu R. Can we apply Pomodoro technique in academic Publishing? Apollo Medicine 2023; doi:10.4103/am.am_193_23


a) Joint presentation techniques. MP IOACON. Shivpuri, MP.  7-8 October 2023.

b) Intraoperative operative challenges in difficult primary THR. MP IOACON. Shivpuri, MP.  7-8 October 2023.

c) Why research and my research journey. MP IOACON. Shivpuri, MP.  7-8 October 2023.

d) TKR in valgus knee. MP IOACON. Shivpuri, MP.  7-8 October 2023.

Dr Saroj Kumar Pattnaik, Sr. Consultant, Critical Care Medicine at Bhubaneswar has published the following paper:

Pattnaik, Saroj Kumar; Sahoo, Satyanarayan; Hota, Binati. Establishment of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Line Clinic at a Tertiary Care Hospital: Review of First 100 Cases. Apollo Medicine 20(4):p 341-345, Oct–Dec 2023. | DOI: 10.4103/am.am_73_23.

Dr Koteswara Rao, Sr. Consultant, Internal Medicine at Nellore has got cleared his Medical Law and Ethics (PGDMLE) one-year course.