GAPIO Members Honours list – May 2024

Dr. Arun Prasad, Surgical Gastroenterology, Clinical Lead, GI & Bariatric, at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, is the part of manuscript, “Revision/Conversion Surgeries after One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass – an Experts’ Modified Delphi Consensus” (MS#OBSU-D-24-00115R3), published in “Obesity Surgery” as a(n) Original Contribution.

Dr Aditendraditya Singh Bhati, Consultant Neurosurgeon & Spine Surgeon at, New Delhi has achieved the following:

  1. Received “certificate of attendance” for Endoscopic skull base training from Humanitas University, Milan, Italy. (March- April 2024).
  2. Received “certificate training” of ZAP-X Radiosurgery from Swiss Neuro radiosurgery centre, Zurich, Switzerland. (April 2024).
  3. Completed “Observership” at Prestigious Cornell University Medical College, New York, United States. (6 May – 10 June 2024).

Dr. Bellamkonda Kishore, Academician, Innovator and Entrepreneur, on 10th May, in the Global Achievers Summit organized by the NRI Welfare Society of India in the Business School at Oxford University, United Kingdom, has been awarded Pravasi Rattan (Indian Shines in USA) Award, and was appointed as the Vice President of the USA Chapter of the NRI Welfare Society for a period of 3 years.

Previously the NRI Welfare Society of India bestowed Nelson Mandela Leadership Award and Hind Rattan (Jewel of India) Award on Dr Bellamkonda Kishore.

Dr. Dhanapal Natarajan, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, received the ‘John Hackett Award’ for his outstanding contributions to the Western Canada Division of the American Psychiatric Association at the 177th Annual Meeting of the APA held in New York on May 6, 2024.

Dr. Dilip Kumar Acharya, Hon. Professor-IMA Academy of Medical Specialities, Chairman-IMA National Cancer & Tobacco Control Committee has achieved the following:

  • On 26th May 2024, Dr. Dilip has organised an “IMA Workshop on Tobacco Control” in association with World Health Organization-(WHO) SEAROIMA Indore under banner of IMA Indore. He moderated the symposium on “Tobacco & Diseases” in which he talked about the epidemiology and need for Tobacco control, with other learned speakers talking about different specialities and the ill effect of Tobacco in their specialty fields.
  • As the quizmaster, conducted an online interesting “Tobacco Quiz” covering various aspects of Tobacco Control.
  • Delivered a Radio Talk on Akashwani, this Yuva Vani program which was aired live on 31st May on the occasion of “World No Tobacco Day”.

Dr. Kandamaran Krishnamurthy, Consultant Pediatric- Intensive Care Unit from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados, on 21st May has been Appointment to the “Barbados Therapeutic Use Exemptions Committee” for a period of three (3) years effective May 6,

2024 to May 5, 2027 by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment.

Dr. Keerti Singh, Lecturer, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Cave Hill campus, Barbados, University of the West Indies, has published the following paper:

  1. Rambhatla A, Shah R, Ziouziou I, Kothari P, Salvio G, Gul M, Hamoda T, Kavoussi P, Atmoko W, Toprak T, Birowo P, Singh K et al. Global Practice Patterns and Variations in the Medical and Surgical Management of Non-Obstructive Azoospermia: Results of a World-Wide Survey, Guidelines and Expert Recommendations. The World Journal of Men’s Health. 2024 Apr;42:e42.

Dr. Keerti has received the ‘Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation’ from International Federation of Fertility Societies for outstanding contribution as national respondent for Barbados towards the IFFS Triennial Report 2025.

Dr. Keerti Singh has done the following community outreach:

May 30th 2024: As Lieutenant governor of Optimist Intl Caribbean District, zone 10 and Barbados Representative of Childhood Health and response mission (CHaRM) committee, moderated the inter Caribbean webinar on childhood cancer – “Saving our Future: The Impact of Blood Donations on Childhood Cancer” as part of quarter 3 activities of the Optimist International CHaRM committee. Introduced the invited speakers and gave the vote of thanks Speakers included – Keishawna Pinnock, Blood Donation Organizer, National Blood Donation Service; Dr Michelle Reece-Mills, Consultant Pediatrician, UHWI, Mona Campus Jamaica, 7-8:30 pm Jamaica time.

Dr Komal Kushwaha, Principal – BRD Medical College Gorakhpur, U. P., has conducted a training course from 6th to 19th May 2024 for trainers in IYCF counselling at Sri Atal Bihari Medical College and Research Center, Bangalore. This training was inaugurated by President, IAP. The outcome of this course was: Making 6 National trainers and 31 counsellors in IYCF. This training has wonderful participants from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Dr Milind Chitnis, Associate Professor & Head- Department of Paediatric Surgery, Frere Hospital, Department of Health, Eastern Cape Government, East London, South Africa, has been appointed as Honorary Secretary of the Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery (GICS) for three years starting from 1 July 2024. GICS is an international Non-Profit Organization that fights for the rights of safe anaesthesia and surgery for children worldwide, mainly in lower and middle-income countries.

Dr. Premkumar Balachandran, Senior consultant and clinical lead at Chennai has contributed to the consensus statement on the management of Ventral Hernia published in “Hernia” Journal.

Dr. Raju Vaishya, Senior Consultant, Orthopedic Surgeon at New Delhi has been Inducted as an International Advisor, Journal of Bangladesh Orthopedic Society (since 2024).

Dr Raju has published the following papers:

  1. Vaishya R, Misra A, Vaish A, Singh SK. Diabetes and tuberculosis syndemic in India: A narrative review of facts, gaps in care and challenges. Journal of Diabetes. 2024;16(5):e13427. doi:10.1111/1753-0407.13427
  2. Migliorini N, Maffulli N, Cocconi G, Schäfer L, Bell A, Katusic D, Vaishya R. Better outcomes using suture button compared to screw fixation in talofibular syndesmotic injuries of the ankle: a level I evidence-based meta-analysis. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg 2024; doi:10.1007/s00402-024-05354-x
  3. Vaishya R, Gupta BM, Mamdapur GMS, Vaish A, Sadani JN, Mukhopadhyay J. Highly-Cited Papers on Fracture Non-union: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Global Literature (1990-2023). Indian J Orthop 2024; DOI :10.1007/s43465-024-01176-6.
  4. Filardi V, Vaishya R. Comparative Finite Element (FE) analysis of the mechanical behavior in an innovative Nitinol staple for arthrodesis in distal interphalangeal joint. J Hand Micro Surg 2024; 16:100040. doi:10.1055/s-0043-1769091
  5. Vaishya R, Vaish A. South Africa is maintaining supremacy in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Publications in Africa. South African Orthopaedic Journal 2024; 23 (2). DOI:
  6. Vaishya R, Kappi MM, Gupta BM, Mamdapur GM, Vaish A. Global Stem Cell Research in Orthopaedics: A bibliometric study from 1995 to 2020. Ind J Orthop 2024;
  7. Vaishya R. Advancing Medical Knowledge Through Diverse Research in Apollo Medicine. Apollo Med 2024; DOI: 10.1177/09760016241256163
  8. Vaishya R, Alam MK, Vaish A, Alam MK. Impact of Osteoporosis on Society, with a focus on Low-Middle-Income Countries. J Bangladesh Orthop Society 2024; 38(2): 55-57.
  9. Vaishya R, Vaish A, Qavi I M, Alam MK. Research Output from Bangladesh in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine: time to introspect and progress. J Bangladesh Orthop Society 2024; 38(2): 108-111.
  10. Chowdhury PN, Vaish A, Puri B, Vaishya R. Medical education technology: past, present and future. Apollo Med 2024; DOI: 10.1177/09760016241256202
  11. Ekwe KK, Vaish A, Vaishya R. Research Output in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine from Nigeria and Africa – A Bibliometric Analysis. Niger Med Journal 2024:65(2):125-131.
  12. Vaishya R, Gupta BM, Ghouse M, Kappi M, Vaish A. Global Research on Osteoarthritis during 1994-2023: A Scientometric Assessment of Publications and Citations. Ind J Orthop 2024; 58: 650-660. doi:10.1007/s43465-024-01111-9.
  13. Khambampati SBS, Vaishya R. Additions to meniscal root injury classifications. J Bone Joint Surgery (Am). 25th May 2024; file:///C:/Users/CROMA/Downloads/

Dr Raju has co-authored a book chapter “Aggarwal P, Vaish A, Vaishya R. Shoulder Arthroplasty and Implants. In: Medical Radiology”. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. 2024;

Dr Veeral M Oza, Gastroenterologist and Chief/Medical Director – Bon Secours Mercy Health, has featured on 29th May 2024, on the regional news network in Greenville, South Carolina-USA to talk about the latest colon cancer blood test which could get FDA approval soon.

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