Session on “Chronic Pain Management – A Multidisciplinary Approach” at 07:00 PM IST

Saturday, 20th January 2024

A comprehensive 1 hour and 50 minutes physiotherapy virtual session on Chronic Pain Management – A Multidisciplinary Approach was organized by GAPIO under GAPIO International Lecture Series on a virtual platform at 7:00 PM IST on Saturday, 20th January 2024 on a digital platform through zoom.

Following reputed well known speakers has spoken on respective topics:

Dr. Adriaan Louw, Director of the Therapeutic Neuroscience Research Group, An adjunct faculty member at St. Ambrose University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas has delivered his talk on the topic “Integration of Pain Neuroscience Education in Clinical Practice“.

Dr K J Choudhury, Senior Consultant-Pain Management has delivered his talk on the topic “Interventional Pain Management in Chronic Pain“.

Dr Kanisha Mukherjee Pandi, HEE registered First Contact Practitioner at Primary care Physio, UK has delivered her talk on the topic “Role of Corticosteroid Injections in Chronic Pain Management – extended Physiotherapy Scope“.

Dr Hiten Dave, President, Pleasanton Physical Therapy Services, Inc has delivered his talk on the topic “Chronic Pain Management using Vagus Nerve Activation – An Innovative Hands on Technique“.

Dr Seema Grover, HOD, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi has moderated the session.

Dr Pooja Chugh Anand, Dean & Prof., Faculty of Physiotherapy, SGT University, Gurugram has supervised the 10-minute question-and-answer session following the programme.