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Do angioplasty patients really need beta blocker drugs?
07 Sep 2016

 A new study has claimed that doctors might be overprescribing beta blockers to heart patients who are not seriously ill. The study reviewed over 755,000 patients and focused only on patients who received angioplasty for recurring chest pain but who had not suffered either a heart attack or heart failure. More than 71% of these patients have been prescribed beta blockers.


These drugs do not appear to help patients who haven't had a heart attack or have heart failure, even if they have undergone angioplasty — a surgery to clear a blocked artery that caused chest pain.

Beta-blocker therapy should be individualized, and these medications should not be given blindly to everyone, study concluded. They should be properly prescribed, based on each patient's indications.


Researchers found no significant difference between angioplasty patients taking beta blockers and those who were not.